Oct 22

We were on “Open Web Days”!

Last Friday and Saturday we were in Yeditepe University on “Open Web Days” which was organized by Yeditepe Computer Club. I had also presentation with Roy and Zafer. We talked about the Magento and the jQuery Mobile.
It was my first experience of presentation on a public event, but It was a good experience for me. I was a anxious a little bit, but everything was gone perfectly. So I liked it.

Maybe you are interested in what was the content of presentation. In presentation of “Magento”, we explained about our experiences, disadvantages and advantages of magento from other out of the box E-commerce systems. I think it was very useful for people, they asked more questions then I expected. So people were interested in Magento. :D

In “jQuery Mobile” presentation, there was more people than presentation of Magento. Conference hall was full. In this presentation people also asked much more question. I think we successfully answered with Roy.

These are some photos from event.

jQuery Mobile

E-Commerce with Magento

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